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The Vegan Cafe In Liverpool You Need To Visit

The Vibe Cafe, located in Liverpool One, is definitely a brunch spot you'll want to add to your list of places to visit in the city. This whole-foods plant based cafe offers a food experience for the mind, body and soul completely powered by plants. Set across a stunning open plan layout, the cafe oozes poise and positivity with its bright uplifting neon quotes, beautiful interior design and there's even window seats too so you can watch the world go by.

Renowned for their colour-popping culinary creations, the team at The Vibe are super passionate about using locally sourced produce to create one of a kind dishes that you won't find anywhere else. With no deep fat fryer in sight, all dishes at The Vibe are either steamed, roasted or grilled to perfection with as much produce made in-house as possible.

The Vibe are also big advocates for sustainability and do their bit to help protect the environment as they go by opting for eco-friendly takeaway packaging for a sustainable future.

Offering veganished versions of dishes such as 'Veggs Royale' and 'Veggs Benny', which look freakishly similar to their non-vegan counterparts, The Vibe's world famous vegan poached egg takes centre stage with diners commonly shocked at the similarity between The Vibe's Vegg, which is made entirely from plants, and the real thing! Their instagrammable menu has something for everyone and boasts a huge selection of dishes from Power Me Up Pancakes and Salmnot Bagels to Nacho bowls and Tuna Chickpea Melts.

Their drinks menu is also pretty impressive with a broad range of both hot and cold drinks that include loose leaf teas, speciality lattes, superfood smoothies and coffee made using fair-trade produce from a women's cooperative in Honduras that supports women in business and their community.

The Vibe Cafe, who opened their doors back in Autumn 2020 during lockdown, was recently voted the 'Top Rated Vegan Restaurant in Liverpool' on Happy Cow so be sure to swing by and see what all the fuss is about - you won't be disappointed.

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