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Vegan Mum Of Two Sets Up Animal Sanctuary On The Wirral

Whitegate Animal Sanctuary, based in Hoylake, is home to over 100 animals that have been rescued from the meat, dairy and egg industries as well as some of the animals being unwanted or abandoned pets.

The sanctuary was set up in August 2018 by Laura and her two young sons Jake and Matthew. Their first premises was an old farm in Brimstage which they'd transformed into a sanctuary for animals in need. The project was fully funded by Laura, who at the time owned a doggy daycare business, but as more and more animals were rescued the costs for feed, bedding and vet bills surely increased too. Laura, unable to finance the vegan venture alone, started receiving donations from people which thankfully helped to keep the sanctuary afloat.

During the Covid pandemic, Laura's doggy daycare business was severely impacted. As people had to cancel their holidays, and with no sign of lockdown restrictions easing, all of Laura's bookings were subsequently cancelled with immediate effect. With her customers now forced to stay at home, the majority of Laura's income vanished overnight and so the tough decision was made to relocate the sanctuary to more affordable premises to ensure Whitegate's survival.

In December 2020, Laura found a new home for the sanctuary and all of the animals were moved to the new site in Hoylake. The total number of rescued animals who call Whitegate home includes 8 pigs, 7 goats, 6 sheep, 80 ex-commercial chickens, 25 cockerels, 2 ducks, 3 turkeys, and 3 cows along with a cat, dogs and rabbits too. Although the sanctuary isn't open to the public, passersby are delighted with the animals' presence as walkers stroll along the public footpath and are greeted by cute and inquisitive creatures.

The sanctuary is lovingly run by volunteers and relies solely on donations for the rent, upkeep and maintenance of the sanctuary plus bedding and feed for the animals along with regular veterinary bills which don't come cheap. The sanctuary's runnings costs total over £1,500 per month and, with no funding whatsoever, they count on the kindness and generosity of those that wish to support the sanctuary to help provide for the animals and give them the best possible quality of life.

The ultimate dream for Whitegate Sanctuary is to have enough money so that they are able to buy their own land as this would allow Laura to build a 'super sanctuary' and house many more animals that would otherwise be met with a tragic fate.

How you can help

If you'd like to help support Whitegate Animal Sanctuary, and wish to contribute towards helping them raise those all-important and life-saving funds, you can send a one-off donation using the details below;


Bank Transfer: Santander (Laura Whelan) Sort Code: 090129 Account number: 31342715

Or if you'd prefer to sponsor an animal, you can choose from Ember the Cow, Buddy the Pig, Bobby the Goat and so many more amazing animals for as little as £20 per year! With sponsorship packages to suit every budget you can choose between a basic sponsorship or upgrade to a premium package were you'll get the opportunity to visit the sanctuary and meet your sponsored animal in real life. You could even purchase a sponsorship and gift it to a family member or a friend for a birthday present they'll never forget.

Thank you

If you are in a position to help and donate towards this incredible cause, on behalf of Whitegate Animal Sanctuary we'd like to extend our thanks to you for helping to keep the sanctuary a safe and secure place for the animals that call it home.

Please note that this sanctuary is not open to the public but if you'd like more information on sponsorship packages or would like to help out and volunteer at Whitegate then please contact Laura Whelan via email at for more information on how you can get involved.

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