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The Vegan Influencers And Activists You Need To Follow in 2023

Kicking off the new year with Veganuary? Well we're here to help you along the way and have curated a list of vegan influencers for you to follow who will help to inspire, educate and motivate you as you embark on your plant based journey.

Whether you're looking to make small incremental steps to your diet, or plan on going completely plant based overnight, switching to a vegan lifestyle may seem daunting at first but fear not because there are so many knowledgeable creators out there ready and waiting to help you along your vegan journey.

The list below is by no means exhaustive but includes several of our favourite inspirational vegan influencers that will show you how easy and enjoyable a vegan lifestyle can be. From Recipe Creators and Animal Activists to Filmmakers and Tour Guides, these guys and gals work so hard to provide outstanding vegan content for everyone to learn from and enjoy.

Get ready. Set. Follow!

Earthling Ed

Ed Winters, more commonly known as Earthling Ed, is a vegan educator, best-selling author, public speaker and content creator, widely known for his viral debates, speeches, and video essays. Through his body of work, which he is constantly looking to expand and advance, Ed is dedicated to reducing the suffering that animals endure at the hands of humans. From debates and speeches, to investigations, marches and documentaries, to increasing the amount of vegan food that’s available on the high street, and to physically providing a home for rescued animals, Ed is striving to utilise all means possible in his efforts to create a better world for animals. Ed's debut book 'This Is Vegan Propaganda (& Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You)' is the empowering and groundbreaking book on veganism that everyone, vegan and sceptic alike, needs to read. You can also check out Ed's website here and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Earthling Ed

Joey Carbstrong

Former gang member turned full time animal defender Joey Carbstrong went vegan after deciding to turn his life around in 2013. During a 6 month stint in prison Joey had an awakening which led him to embark on a journey of sobriety and veganism. After being inspired by Animal Activist Gary Yourofsky and uploading his first YouTube video in 2015, Joey started to create consistent video content everyday which then led to the renowned video series 'Joey VS The Public' being born. Passionate about raising awareness of the needless abuse that animals endure in the meat and dairy industries, Joey hopes to offer people the inspiration and motivation they need to go vegan. You can check out Joey's website here and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Joey Carbstrong

Tash Peterson

Tash Peterson, AKA vganbooty, is a passionate animal rights activist based in Perth, Western Australia. Tash has been vegan and an animal rights activist since 2017 and turned to veganism when she became aware of the inherent animal cruelty in industries (meat, dairy, eggs etc.) that rape, abuse, torture, enslave and murder non-human animals for their flesh, milk and eggs, as well as industries that abuse them such as entertainment, clothing, fashion, racing and testing. Tash is known for her unique and controversial style of disruptive activism, which she believes to be essential for social change because civil disobedience generates attention to animal rights via media attention. Tash has protested inside butchers, restaurants, fast food chains, supermarkets, fashion stores and cattle events. The intention of Tash’s activism is to bring mass attention to the animal holocaust and to bring about justice for the most oppressed people on this planet; non-human animals. You can check out Tash's website here and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Tash Peterson

Seb Alex

Seb Alex is an animal rights activist, lecturer, photojournalist and author who has, over several years, given animal rights advocacy workshops to over 1300+ activists across Europe, Middle East and Australia. Seb also helped launch the world’s first animal rights and vegan support centre, and has published the free Ebook 'When Animal Rights & Logic Meet' in 20 languages. All of Seb's work, activism and lectures are free of charge and supported by donations, to make veganism and animal rights as accessible as possible. You can check out Seb's website here and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Seb Alex

Jamie Logan

Jamie Logan is an animal advocate, filmmaker, and podcast host. Based in NYC, Jamie makes videos that get people thinking. Although some call it ruining lives, and pushing her agenda, Jamie likes to think of it as sharing an obvious truth that most people tend to ignore. The GenZ thought leader also hosts 'Jamie's Corner' which is her own podcast where you'll find a mix of engaging content from health and wellness, to animal rights activism, spirituality and more. You can check out Jamie's website here and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Jamie Logan

The Little London Vegan

Clare Every, AKA The Little London Vegan, spends most of her time venturing around London eating all the vegan options the city has to offer. From street food stalls to Michelin star restaurants, if there’s a vegan option, you’ll find Clare there! Along with checking out all the different types of cuisines in The Big Smoke, Clare has also created a ‘Vegan-Friendly Experiences’ category on her website for non-restaurant ideas for things to do in London. Clare has appeared on BBC World News and ITV discussing the topics of Veganism, the world of social media and she also hosts a global guide series, which you can find on her website, where she travels the world nibbling the vegan options in various cities.

Ryuji Chua

Ryuji is a filmmaker and educator on a mission to create a kinder world by connecting humans with animals. Ryuji currently works as a video producer at Surge Activism, is an advisor for the Vegan Hacktivists and recently made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah were he talked about animal rights. Ryuji has also given a TEDx Talk at The University of Warwick speaking about the missing perspective regarding animals and the climate crisis. Ryuji has created a number of documentaries including 'Run To Death: The Rise & Fall of Greyhound Racing' along with 'How Conscious Can A Fish be?' which asks questions such as, 'can fish feel pain?' and 'are they intelligent?'. You can check out Ryuji's website here.

Image Credit: Ryuji Chua

Final thoughts

And that brings us to the end of our list of vegan influencers and activists you need to follow in 2023. We trust that this list has given you a great starting point by which you can go forth and discover more vegan creators all across the globe. By following these incredible individuals we hope you're able to learn more about veganism and how you can transition over to a vegan lifestyle and take animals off your plate once and for all. We sincerely hope your vegan journey is one that, although deeply upsetting at times when learning the truth of what happens to animals in the meat, dairy and egg industries, is filled with peace, love and enlightenment.

Don't forget to download the Plant Based Directory app for free today on both iOS and Android and find your new favourite vegan places to go so you can eat, drink and shop the cruelty-free way. (UK only)

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