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Animal Sanctuary Offers A New Lease Of Life For Rescued Animals

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, situated on the border between Shropshire and Worcestershire, offers a home to farm animals from a variety of backgrounds, including those saved from the farming industry and much-loved companion animals whose owners could no longer look after them.

Man stroking a cow

Shining a spotlight on the underdogs

Goodheart was founded by two very passionate individuals, David Walker and Dwynwen Jones (known as DJ), who noticed that while there were many initiatives to help protect wildlife and exotic animals, someone needed to speak up for the underdogs of the animal world – farmed animals.

David and DJ felt so strongly about doing something that they established Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, and, supported by experienced Director Alison Hood (who spent over 25 years working for Born Free Foundation), set about securing the perfect site for a brand-new sanctuary which would become a haven for rescued animals. In 2017, Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries opened its doors and welcomed its first-ever resident, a pony named Harry who was in need of a new home, and the rest, as they say, is history! The animals that call Goodheart their home have become ambassadors for their species to help spread the message of kindness to all kinds.

Sentience equals rights

Goodheart was established with the principle notion that all animals, whether wild, farmed or pet, are sentient beings. This means they can feel pain as well as pleasure, alongside a whole range of emotions, just like humans.

Goodheart's Education & Outreach Programme advocates for kindness to all animals and encourages people to remove animal products from their lives where possible always focusing on the positive by promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, for personal health, the animals, and the planet.

Very importantly, priority is always given to the emotional and physical well-being of the animals in Goodheart's care. They are never exploited for amusement, labour, or monetary gain and are never made to interact with the public against their will. There are even special areas of the site for animals who do not like public interaction. The animals who do enjoy interaction are always given enough space to retreat from humans if they wish.

Man stroking a cow in a field

Change for good

Goodheart identifies that rescue alone is not the solution. We must raise awareness and induce policy change to ensure a future in which sanctuaries like ours are no longer needed. We are therefore working on expanding our campaign activities to reach even more people with our message of kindness. We speak up for the animals in our care, focusing on positive stories of rescue, backing national initiatives to end animal cruelty, and encouraging others to make more informed and compassionate lifestyle choices.

Goodheart offers guests the chance to join sanctuary tours and animal experiences, aiming to facilitate connections between the animals and members of the public in order to change people's perception of farmed animals and see them as the individual thinking and feeling beings that they are. Alongside this, Goodheart has an adoption scheme allowing people to symbolically adopt one of the animal residents at the sanctuary, as well as a dedicated Education & Outreach Programme working with schools and community groups to promote animal welfare.

How you can make a difference

If you are not able to visit the sanctuary for a tour but want to join Goodheart in their mission to help animals in need, please do check their website which contains more information on all of the ways that you can get involved, from adopting one of the animal residents to becoming a member, naming a rescued animal, fundraising for the sanctuary and much much more!

Thank you

If you are in a position to help and donate towards this incredible cause, on behalf of Goodheart Animal Sanctuary we'd like to extend our thanks to you for helping to keep the sanctuary a safe and secure place for the animals that call it home.

A group of sheep looking at the camera

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