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Vegan Meal Prep And Juice Cleanses In Liverpool

Hi Vibe Nutrition based in Walton, Liverpool are on a mission, "to help people live a better life with the energy and vitality to do the things they love to do, so they can live the life they want to live."

Using food from the earth, the team at Hi Vibe nutrition promise to lovingly prepare and offer you delicious meals consisting of mouth watering flavours and packed full of nutrients. Founder of Hi Vibe Nutrition Claire Cockburn says, "I know how important food is to your wellbeing. In my experience following a healthy, clean, plant based diet produced life changing results. It helps me to feel more empowered in my life and gives me that healthy glow and zest for life, so I want to share that with the world. It has never been easier to enjoy healthy, fresh, plant fuelled food,"

With a huge selection of tasty meals to choose from, you can drop in and pick up some supplies from Hi Vibe's fully stocked fridges which are packed with not just breakfast, lunch and dinner but with plenty of sweet treats too.

Hi Vibe Nutrition are best known for their famous juice cleanses and meal prep service. With a four week rotation on meals, you'll never get bored and can expect to see meals such as; Rainbow Pad Thai, Asian Ramen Noodles, Mushroom Stroganoff and Butter Tofu Curry plus many more.

Hi Vibe Nutrition's juice cleanse courses run over three, five and seven days so you can pick and choose what suits you and your lifestyle best. Designed to increase vitality, energy and longevity, each cleanse is aimed at nourishing the body both inside and out. Optional power shots are also available as well as food enzymes, activated charcoal and vitamin C booster shots to aid the detoxification process.

From juice cleanses and meal prep to corporate events and kitchen catering, Hi Vibe Nutrition are able to provide outstanding plant based food and drink for any occasion.

You can find Hi Vibe Nutrition on the FREE Plant Based Directory app! Click to download the app to your iOS or Android device today and discover your new favourite places to eat, drink & shop.

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